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Your Mazda sports-car, crossover, or SUV is built with precision tuning designed to make every drive feel like race-day. Make sure you keep your warranty intact and engine at its best with a genuine Mazda oil change. Our services are competitively priced, and when you factor in the quality of materials used by techs that know your Mazda inside and out, there is simply no comparison! Read below and see how changing your oil at Dyer has competitive advantages.

Mazda Oil With Moly

The good-ole days of one-size-fits-all oil are long behind us. Every manufacturer uses proprietary components to support their vehicle's performance, and you need lubrication specifically designed to support these systems. When you don't, the results are usually catastrophic. And that's no exaggeration. As engines become more efficient, with lighter weight parts, smaller volumes, and greater power, there is zero-tolerance for sub-par materials. We've seen it before. People will use off-the-shelf discount parts and fluids from a parts store, and their engine quickly pays the price. Filters disintegrate under pressure, block critical passageways, and starve the engine of life-saving lubrication. These lighter-weight parts heat up, burn up, and break down. When you look at this scenario, there is almost no benefit to changing your oil at a discount quick-lube facility.

Mazda filters and fluids are created with generations of racing development behind them. Genuine Mazda materials are supported by years of experience, proven at the track, to give you the highest level of performance and reliability. To help you with your research, we've put together a list of answers to common questions we hear a lot in our shop.

What is Mazda Moly oil?

If you guessed that Mazda-Moly was the new cartoon she-maiden mascot for the brand, that'd be a good guess. But not quite. Moly is short for Molybdenum, an element that can bond to lightweight surfaces in your engine, which reduces heat, stress, and improves fuel economy. Mazda Moly oil has the highest concentration of liquid Moly, thus, providing peak protection.

When should I get a Mazda oil change?

It's recommended that you get a Mazda oil change between 7,500 and 10,000 miles. However, your driving style, towing activities, and regional temperature swings may require earlier service. Typically, in hotter climates such as South Florida, it's always a good idea to change oil earlier. Hotter temperatures can accelerate wear on your oil because the engine works harder to maintain optimal cooling.

What oil should you use in the Mazda3?

For the Mazda3, genuine parts and fluids are required. The Mazda oil filter has the correct pressure rated valving system and particulate filter designed for peak pressure and clean, deposit free lubrication. Oil must be SAE 5W-30 or 5W-20 depending on regional climates. The quality designation SM or ILSAC must be on the label. Anything less will lead you to headaches!

Protect Your Zoom Zoom From Certain Doom Doom at Dyer Mazda

We hope you have enjoyed this information and see why it's cost-effective and beneficial to always change your oil with us here at Dyer Mazda of Vero Beach. You can give us a call, swing by, or schedule service in Vero Beach with our convenient service scheduling form. Our Mazda service center has the service specials and parts coupons you are looking for, so don't ever hesitate. This is your place! Our oil change coupons are designed to create confidence and make dealer service easy. Contact us today to keep your Mazda on the track, and not in the shop, getting repaired on the rack!

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