Why Service With Dyer MAZDA?

We know that service appointments can be a real buzzkill in an otherwise relaxed week. Throughout the country, there are thousands of auto shops. Florida residents in Vero Beach, however, are lucky because there's access to a service center that stands out from the rest for all the best reasons. If you've ever had service done here at Dyer Mazda in Vero Beach, you've probably had a wonderful service experience that didn't detract anything from your important day. However, have you ever stopped to think about the "why" of servicing?

We don't just mean the shallow "I get my tires fixed so they don't blow up in the middle of my already-cumbersome commute home." We mean the in-depth, intricate details of auto repair service. Want to know what we're talking about? Get all your service questions answered below as we go through some of the most significant service necessities. When you're done, go ahead and schedule service with our convenient online tool!

Brake Repair

This is a pretty easy one. You don't want to be going 80 mph on the highway and suddenly experience brake failure. That wouldn't be fun for anyone. If you experience any of the following with your brakes, bring your car to us for auto repair.

  • You hear grinding or screeching when you brake

  • Your steering wheel vibrates when you brake

  • Your brake pedal feels squishy or sticky

  • Your car veers slightly to one side when you brake

  • You brake light comes on

  • You notice a distinct burning smell while driving

It's no secret that having your brakes work properly is integral to both your own safety as well as that of your passengers and other people on the road. If you experience a severe brake malfunction, you could end up totaling your vehicle. Save yourself the money by visiting us for brake repair at the earliest sign of an issue with your brakes.

Oil Change

Many of us are familiar with the necessities surrounding an oil change, even if we forget to have them done as often as we should. Oil in your car works to keep all your complicated mechanisms running correctly. It also helps keep your engine cool and reduces wear on certain parts via lubrication. The biggest advantage of getting your oil changed regularly, though, is that it can increase your gas mileage. Crazy right? Just like your body can't function properly without enough water, your car cannot run properly without fresh oil. Now that you know the most enticing reasons why you should always schedule an auto repair for your oil changes, let's talk about how often you should get it changed.

The miles between oil changes can vary widely based on make, model, body class, and car usage. Generally speaking, manufacturers recommend changing your car's oil between 7,500 and 10,000 miles. If you drive in rough conditions, that number might decrease. For all other makes, check out your owner's manual for the factory-recommended oil change schedule. We'll take care of your oil change no matter what make your car is!

Transmission Repair

Instead of jumping right into transmission repair services, let's back up a little. What exactly is your transmission, and what does it do for your car? The transmission is mounted onto your car's engine. Its main job is to take combustion energy and convert it to momentum, which then directly powers your wheels. It makes sure that the correct amount of oomph is sent to your tires based on the speed you're going. In short, it takes the engine's power and gives it to the wheels.

Unlike an oil change, your car doesn't need a transmission repair every 5,000 miles or so. You can go as little as 30,000 miles or as many as 100,000 miles between transmission fluid replacements. That doesn't mean that this auto repair isn't essential, however. If your transmission isn't lubricated, it can put unnecessary stress on your car. You'll likely hear an unsettling grinding noise while driving or see small puddles of fluid underneath your vehicle, which lets you know something is wrong with the transmission. Much like your body, one issue can quickly and easily lead to another if your transmission is damaged. Before you know it, you could end up having to get an entire transmission or engine replacement if you put off a simple repair.

So, what causes transmission damage? Any number of factors can contribute, one of the leading of which is overheating due to a malfunction in your cooling systems. A simple inspection is all that's needed to ensure this is working properly. Going over your manufacturer-suggested towing capacity, shifting while not at a full stop, and not using your parking brake while parked on a hill can also contribute. Transmission repairs, when the issue is caught quickly, are usually pretty simple fixes as opposed to full-blown replacements.

What if I Don't Own a MAZDA?

If you don't own a Mazda, then that's not a problem! Our skilled service technicians here near Sebastian are highly knowledgeable about all makes and models, so bring your vehicle in for auto repair and let us fix it for you! We don't discriminate based on your car's make, so we're ready to get all your necessary service needs taken care of. No matter which car you have, we're always running a few service coupons to help you out! We can't wait to see you and service your car at Dyer Mazda near Sebastian, Florida!

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