Quick Lube Vs. Dealership Oil Change

Oil Change In Vero Beach

When looking at your options for service, many often choose between a quick lube vs. dealership oil change. While a quick lube may be cheaper, going to your dealership for an oil change is better for the health and lifespan of your vehicle.

You won't regret the service you receive at Dyer Mazda's oil change in Vero Beach. Read on to learn why a dealership oil change is better than those offered at a quick lube.

Price vs. Quality

When comparing a quick lube vs. dealership oil change, it is a standoff between price and quality. Yes, you might be smitten with the idea of cheap oil changes, but your car will pay the price.

For example, when you go to the store, and you want to purchase a new TV, you probably won't go for the cheapest option with a grainy screen. Rather, you want a quality product that will allow you to watch your favorite shows in amazing color.

The same concept applies to your car, as a quick lube oil change will not provide you the items your car needs to run smoothly. They will probably use cheap synthetic oil and replace your oil filter with a part that isn't a perfect fit.

Technician Training

The other reason a quick lube can offer such cheap rates is because of who they hire. The technicians working on your car at these establishments often have zero or little automotive experience compared to the certified technicians who perform your oil change at the dealership you should visit.

You can expect certified-trained technicians to be working on your vehicle at Dyer Mazda, as they have the experience to get the job done right. You won't regret your choice as they handle your car with the love and care that it deserves.

Should I Go to a Dealership for an Oil Change?

When debating whether or not to go to a dealership for an oil change, your answer should always be yes. They will provide you with the right oil that your car needs, as well as factory parts for your vehicle.

You might complain about the price, but dealerships offer oil change coupons that reduce the cost to be more affordable for customers. It can be appealing when looking at a quick lube vs. dealership oil change to choose what's best for your wallet, but in the long run, the quality oil will save you more money.

Schedule an Oil Change at Dyer MAZDA

Have you changed your mind about a fast lube oil change? Luckily, our auto repair shop in Vero Beach is ready to service your vehicle with the right oil and parts to keep it on the road for a long time.

Schedule your oil change at our dealership today and service your car the right way. Dyer Mazda's certified technicians have the experience to give your car better care than it would ever receive at a quick lube oil change.

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