What Do MAZDA Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?

Maybe you're driving along when your Mazda dashboard lights suddenly light up. Or maybe you want to know what they mean in case this occurs for you. Either way, these Mazda warning symbols are more straightforward than they may seem at first glance. Giving you a brief overview of any issues your vehicle has, this guide will explain what the Mazda dash light meanings are trying to tell you. Once you're done reading, use our convenient online Schedule Service tool to get your Mazda vehicle running without issue again.

Warning Light Displayed Meaning
Mazda Airbag Warning Light

Airbag Warning Light

This light indicates an issue with one or more of your airbags or the system that controls them. In an accident, there is potential for the airbag to not deploy. Safety should come first, and we highly recommended getting this issue diagnosed and repaired immediately.

Check Engine Light

This light can activate for many reasons. Pointing to an issue in one or more systems, a Check Engine Light (CEL) means something is wrong in the engine management, fuel, fuel injection, exhaust, or ignition systems. A CEL can also be caused by a loose or damaged gas cap. No matter the cause, it's best to stop driving immediately and bring your car in for diagnosis and servicing.

Engine Oil Warning Light

This light indicates that either your vehicle's oil pressure or oil level is low. Either of these issues can cause a catastrophic breakdown, so have it diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible.

Engine Temperature Warning Light

Either your vehicle's thermometer has malfunctioned, or an issue with your coolant level has occurred. If driven with low coolant, an engine can overheat. Have the vehicle serviced immediately as an overheated engine can lead to severe damage.

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Light

There is an issue with your ABS. ABS prevents brake lockup in an emergency stop. While your vehicle's brakes will remain functional, the safety provided by ABS will be lost. It is highly recommended to have your brakes serviced when you see this light.

DSC Off Light

Your vehicle's Dynamic Stability Control system has been disabled. Some vehicles offer a button to manually disable the system, but if the light remains on after reactivating, there is an issue with the system.

Brake System Warning Light

Your parking brake has been engaged. This may be intentional. If the light stays on when the parking brake is disengaged, then this light is indicating a low brake fluid level. Do not drive the vehicle and have its brake system serviced immediately.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning Light

When this light comes on, the pressure in one or more of your tires is either too low or too high. Low or high tire pressure can result in excessive tread wear and potentially cause a blowout. Check and compare the tire pressure to manufacturer guidelines, then either fill or lower the pressure — or have the tires replaced.

Low Fuel Warning Light

One of the Mazda dash lights familiar to most drivers, this light indicates that your vehicle's fuel level is low.

Battery Warning Light

Your vehicle's battery is not being charged properly. This can be caused by issues with the battery itself, but also problems with the alternator, alternator belt, loose cables, or other areas of your vehicle's electronics. Proper diagnosis and servicing is recommended to fix the issue.

Power Steering Warning Light

This indicates an issue within your power steering system. This can cause the steering wheel to need much more force to turn, making it difficult and unsafe to drive the vehicle. Proper diagnosis by a service center is recommended.

Windshield Washer Fluid Light

Your vehicle's windshield washer fluid level is low. To maintain optimal road visibility, top up the fluid.

Seat Belt Indicator Light

One or more vehicle occupants do not have their seat belts fastened. This light is a reminder to buckle up and stay safe.

Security Indicator Light

If this Mazda dashboard light stays on, then the anti-theft system in your vehicle is malfunctioning. To keep your vehicle safe, we recommend having the system diagnosed and serviced.

Wrench Light

Rather than a malfunction or issue, this light comes on to remind you that a service interval has been reached. Bring your vehicle in for scheduled maintenance, then turn it off by reading our guide on resetting the wrench light.

Master Warning Light

There is an issue with one or more of your vehicle's systems. See our FAQ below for more on what this entails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do MAZDA dashboard lights mean?

The various Mazda dashboard icons you see are not solely for warning you of issues. These warnings should be paid the closest attention, as the many Mazda dashboard lights will alert you of everything from high beam status to driver-assists like Radar Cruise Control being active. Please consult your owner's manual for complete details on all the dashboard lights of your specific Mazda vehicle.

What is the master warning light in MAZDA?

As previously mentioned, a master warning light is an indicator of an issue with one of several systems. This light can indicate a malfunction in the brake switch or battery management system on some Mazda vehicles. Typically, though, the master warning light will come with a warning message specifying the issue. After receiving the alert, or if one is not displayed, bring your vehicle to an authorized service center for further diagnosis and repair.

What are the symbols on my dashboard?

Mazda dash light symbols are relatively simple outlines lit by a light source, typically an LED. From standard driving functions like a turn signal to serious issues, our certified technicians can help you understand and solve any warnings that may come up at Auto Repair Shop Near Sebastian.

Dyer Mazda - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)