How Does MAZDA Remote Start Work?

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The Mazda remote start system is all about convenience. Gone are the days where you would have to send your spouse out in the rain to start your vehicle in Vero Beach. The Mazda remote start system is an ingenious way to start your vehicle from the convenience of your smartphone. Or your fob! If you've found this page looking for instructions on fob replacement, you can order a new remote start key fob here. Scroll below for more useful information, and let's start talking about the Mazda remote start system!

MAZDA Remote Start: A Brief History

In the beginning, there was the key. Simple. Effective. Cumbersome. Keys took up space in your pockets and were often the reason you were late for work when you couldn't find them in their last-known location. Which subsequently turned out to be the bottom of your pocket. And what about inclement weather?

Rain, snow, or blazing heat? You had to abandon your current activity, brave the elements, and let your car arrive at running temperature only after you were sufficiently frozen or soaked. The Mazda remote start key fob changed all that. If you had your Mazda in sight, you could easily use the fob to start it, but that was it. For instance, your early-model Mazda6 remote start system could only start the vehicle. You couldn't adjust the temperature, and you couldn't unlock your doors. But you can now! Let's take a look at some of the answers that we get to our most common questions about the new Mazda remote start system:

Does Mazda have remote start?

Absolutely! Developed specifically for the Mazda CX-5 and all other Mazda models, you can remote start your modern Mazda vehicle from the Mazda Mobile Start app. Additionally, you can configure your cabin temperature, lock and unlock your doors, and get status updates about your vehicle - all from the convenience of your smartphone. Thanks to the original Mazda CX-5 remote start system.

How does Mazda remote start work?


Using your Mazda remote start key fob, press the "function" switch on your Mazda remote. The "engine start" icon should appear on the LCD screen as soon as you release the button. With the "engine start" icon showing, depress the "start" button until you hear an audible tone. Lastly, your "engine start standby" display will disappear, and you're in business!

How much does Mazda remote start cost?

Mazda Mobile Start costs about $500 and includes a one-year subscription to the Mazda Mobile Start app (available on the iOS App Store and Google Play). Annual subscription renewals cost $65.

How do you remote start the Mazda CX-5 or the Mazda3 from your smartphone?

Your Mazda3 remote start system works similarly to all other Mazda remote start systems. Simply open your app and touch/hold the "start" button in the center of your display. Keep your finger there until the circular meter completes the circle. From there, you will get a message alerting you to your vehicle's engine status. Alternatively, you can tap the "stop" button to turn the vehicle off.

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