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Why Service with Dyer Mazda

If your check engine or oil light is shining brightly on your dashboard, it's time to schedule a Mazda service. Let our team be the one to provide it to you. Our experts are specifically trained in Mazda vehicles, meaning we're uniquely qualified to get them running at factory standard. This helps you stay safe and efficient on the road and preserves your active warranties. To learn more about what we can do for you, keep reading.

Oil Change

Engine oil keeps your engine from overheating. Motor oil also lubricates all of the moving parts surrounding the engine. We change your oil to reduce friction between parts, increase your gas mileage, and preserve the life span of your engine. The quality of your oil grade and the intervals between oil changes will vary, so contact our team for questions.

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Your brakes are a crucial component on your Mazda vehicle. The stopping system is made up of many smaller, intricate parts. We run tests to ensure all of these parts are functioning properly, and replace them when we find wear.

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Battery Service

Without your Mazda battery, your vehicle wouldn't run. Our team utilizes battery diagnostics to verify when your battery needs to be replaced. If you notice corrosion on the cables surrounding the battery, that might also be an indication of a need for service.

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Engine Diagnostics

​Newer vehicles often come with highly refined electronic engine control systems. We use our diagnostic systems to ensure that all of the network sensors within your engine are working properly. If something is amiss within your engine, you might notice issues with your ignition or decreased fuel economy ratings.

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Tire Rotations

The wear on a set of tires is rarely even. The way that most automobiles are designed causes the front tires to wear down faster than the back ones. For this reason, we rotate the tires to keep wear and tear even. If you haven't had a rotation in a while, you should consider visiting our tire center for a routine rotation. It takes only a few moments and can possibly prevent a flat.

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Our goal is to provide you an exceptional vehicle shopping experience throughout your entire process — from browsing our inventory online to narrowing down your search to walking into the store. We are committed to providing a comfortable, hassle-free and no-pressure experience — on your terms!

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What Kind of Mazda Service Can You Expect?

Our staff provides efficient and thorough:

  • Oil changes: A Mazda oil change every 7,500-10,000 miles (or according to your owner's manual recommendations) lowers the risk of engine overheating and premature wear to components caused by friction. It's one of the best ways to extend the life span of the vehicle you just bought at our Mazda dealership near Melbourne, FL.
  • Brake service and replacement: Getting Mazda brake service when your brake pads are too thin makes it easier for your car to come to a controlled stop in dangerous situations.
  • Tire rotations: Help your tires wear evenly by having their position moved around the vehicle every six months or so.
  • Tire balancing: This Mazda service involves applying tiny weights to your tires to make up for natural irregularities or weight differences caused by wear. As a result, the tires will move more smoothly.
  • Battery service: Have your battery's voltage checked and the terminals cleaned during your visit to our Mazda service department. This can help your electronic systems work better and give you a forewarning if it's almost time for battery replacement.
  • Wheel alignment services: When you run over a pothole, the angle of the wheels in relation to the suspension system may become askew. This Mazda service helps correct the issue so that you don't veer off to one side while you intend to drive straight.
  • Fluid replacements: Your car needs fluids to function correctly and safely. You will regularly need new oil, brake fluid, wiper fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and more.

These are only some of the ways that we can help your car perform at its peak potential.

When Should You Speed Up Your Mazda Service Schedule?

While your owner's manual gives you good guidelines for how often to schedule Mazda service, life happens, and your car can start demonstrating symptoms out of the blue just like a person can. Therefore, visit our location near Melbourne, FL, if your vehicle:

  • Is making unusual noises, including clanking, knocking, or grinding.
  • Is producing any usual smells. For example, a smell that resembles rotting eggs often means the vehicle needs immediate Mazda battery service.
  • Has new dashboard lights illuminated. Usually, warning symbols that are flashing should be taken extremely seriously.
  • Has worse fuel economy than usual for no obvious reason.
  • Is not shifting gears, turning, or braking correctly or swiftly enough.

Trust Our Mazda Service Department in Vero Beach, FL

As a full-service Mazda dealership near Melbourne, FL, we also offer maintenance from experts who know Mazda vehicles like the back of their hands. Come to us for everything from Mazda battery service to Mazda brake service, and we'll show you the meaning of true customer care.

FAQs About Mazda Service

How often do Mazda vehicles need maintenance?

Most Mazda vehicles should be seen every six months at least for an oil change and general inspection. However, you should review the Mazda service schedule in your car's owner's manual for more specific details about when certain services are necessary. You should also pay attention to any strange symptoms the vehicle may be showing. Unusual noises or smells often mean that your car needs a second look.

Are Mazdas easy to service?

Mazda vehicles can be easily serviced by our experts. However, while we sell OEM parts that can allow you to perform some maintenance at home, we still recommend turning to our team for flushes and replacements. Not only do we have the necessary tools, but there are many caustic substances within a car that could harm your skin or driveway if leaked. We also can dispose of old materials easier.

How often do Mazdas need oil changes?

Most modern Mazda vehicles take synthetic oil, which typically needs to be changed every 6,000 miles or so. Conventional oil changes usually need to be performed around the three-thousand-mile mark. However, if you notice signs of an oil leak, the engine making knocking sounds, or wiping the dipstick on a cloth shows your oil is dark and gritty, arrange a Mazda oil change immediately.

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The Dyer Auto
Service Advantage

Relationships Mean Something
At Dyer Auto, we strive to develop a lifetime relationship with our customers. Simply put, we truly do care. Together, we will look after your vehicle's service needs to ensure worry-free ownership of your vehicle.

Specialized Technicians
No matter what the problem, we have a specialist to handle it.

Factory Trained + Factory Certified Technicians
This means your vehicle will be fixed right the first time, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Mazda & Subaru require our technicians to be trained in all aspects of your vehicle's maintenance needs. Did you know that a certified Mazda or Subaru technician has spent over 100 hours of hands-on training at the factory's on site training facility?

Guaranteed Labor & Parts
Our work is guaranteed by the factory for 12 months or 12,000 miles when genuine OEM parts are used.

Competitive Pricing for Parts & Labor
Trained technicians ensure the work is completed using competitively priced, genuine Mazda parts. Want to save some more money? We have access to a variety of quality aftermarket parts. In fact, we have the ability to price match any of our local and independent competitors provided the quote is apples to apples.

Vehicle History
An electronic copy of your detailed vehicle history is kept on file for all work that is preformed on your vehicle. This ensures:
1. Any warranty claims have been fully documented support
2. Your service records are available for you at any time
3. With detailed records of all maintenance and other work performed, your vehicle will command the highest dollar available at time of resale

Car Wash
After all service work is completed, we offer a complimentary vehicle hand wash with interior vacuum.

Loaner Vehicles
Brand new with all the latest in technology and safety, loaner vehicles are available to customers.

Shuttle Service
Available to all of our service customers, getting you to and from your home or work while your vehicle is being cared for by our technicians.

What Happens After I Schedule an Appointment?

Please use our online form to schedule your next service appointment, or call . We are standing by to answer your questions and get you in the door as quickly as possible. Upon submitting your information we will:

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