MAZDA Lease Return Center: Turn In Your Lease Up To 12 Months Early

Mazda Lease Return

If your new car lease is coming to an end, you're probably thinking about where to handle your Mazda lease return. Thankfully, our team makes it easy to turn in your lease at our Mazda dealership in Vero Beach. It doesn't matter if you leased that shiny new Mazda CX-5 from our dealership or not. You can still end your lease and finalize the paperwork with our lease return center near Sebastian.

Can You Turn In a Lease Early?

We know that life can throw you some curveballs every now and then, and things happen that may require you to turn in your lease early. Maybe you moved to a city and now walk to your job or take public transportation. Maybe you've changed jobs and no longer have a long commute. Changes in circumstances happen. In those moments, you might need to get out of your car lease early.

If you need help returning a leased car early, contact our Mazda lease return center. If you're asking, "Can you turn in a lease early?" the answer is yes. But depending on where you are in your lease term, there may be some fees attached with ending your car lease early, and you will need to pay the remainder of what you owe to the lender.

When you lease a car, you're borrowing a certain amount of money from a finance company that you pay back every month. Your monthly lease payment goes to the finance company who lent you the money. If you request an early Mazda lease return, you will need to pay the balance of your loan. Failure to do so can have penalties, including lowering your credit score.

Returning a Leased Car Early

If you're asking about your lease-end options and wondering how to terminate your car lease early, our Mazda lease return department is here to help. We can answer all of your questions about Mazda leasing policies, whether or not MAZDA will buy out your lease, and why your credit score dipped when you turned in your lease.

The easiest way to end your Mazda lease return early is to contact your financing company and ask what you'd have to pay to terminate your lease contract. If you decide to end your lease early and get out of a Mazda lease, you can drop off your vehicle at our Mazda dealer in Florida.

What Is a Lease Transfer?

Ending your car lease early can be an expensive process. However, there are options for getting out of a car lease early. One way to get out of your lease is to transfer your lease to another person who is willing to take over your lease. You will have to check your lease contract to see if a lease transfer is possible and if there are any fees associated with transferring your lease because not all car leases are eligible for a transfer.

Is a Lease Buyout a Good Idea?

Another way to end your car lease is to purchase the vehicle outright. At which point, you will own the vehicle and can sell it privately. The cost to purchase the vehicle is the "residual value" and is already part of your lease contract, so you don't need to negotiate a price. You'll want to run the numbers and see if there are any fees associated with ending your lease contract by buying out your lease. But if the numbers make sense, buying out your lease could be a viable option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return my MAZDA lease?

At the end of your lease contract, contact the finance department at Dyer Mazda to schedule a Mazda lease return and inspection. After you drop off the vehicle at our Mazda lease center, call Mazda Capital Services Lease-End Department within one business day to inform them you've turned in your lease at our dealership and are no longer in possession of the vehicle, and then provide them with the vehicle return information we'll have for you.

What is a MAZDA disposition fee?

A disposition fee is a fee charged to the driver turning in their car lease to cover the expense of preparing the lease turn-in for resale. The Mazda disposition fee is $350. Certain restrictions may apply based on DMV Registration ZIP Code; void where prohibited.1

Can you trade in a MAZDA lease early?

Yes, it's possible for you to go to a dealer willing to buy your leased car and give you trade-in credit toward your next new car lease. Trading in a leased car is different from trading a purchased vehicle because the wholesale value of the car will then be used as a trade-in credit, minus the termination charges.

1Charges may vary based on the terms of your lease agreement. The trade name Mazda Financial Services is owned by Mazda Motor Corporation or its affiliates and is licensed to Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (TMCC).

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