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When you are used to the same commute every day, it can be easy to focus on traffic or your upcoming meeting rather than your car itself. After all, Mazda vehicles are one of the most reliable on the market, meaning you can trust them to run well for a long time. However, elements like your tires will get worn down by regular contact with the road. Here are warning signs that you need Mazda tire service.

When Do You Need Mazda Tire Replacement?

Generally speaking, you should look into Mazda tires for sale every six to 10 years. However, road conditions and how often you drive can significantly impact this expected life span.

Get new tires earlier if they show signs of being too worn. An easy way to check is to place a penny into the tread ribs every month or so. Lincoln's head should be inserted top-down into the groove. If you can still see his entire head, the tread has worn down to 2/32 of an inch or less, which may be too dangerous for driving. Without Mazda tire replacement, you could lose traction on the road, which can stop your vehicle from coming to a safe stop and lead to skidding on wet surfaces. Therefore, don't hesitate to reach out.

Tires that are worn, but not too worn, may also lose tread unevenly. For example, the front tires on an FWD car often wear out quicker than the rear ones. Consult your owner's manual to figure out how often tire rotation is needed to combat this.

How Potholes Contribute to Your Need for Mazda Tire Service

You're driving along the road with the window rolled down, enjoying the moment, when you feel a jolt — your car went over a pothole. This can cause several problems for your vehicle, including misalignment. When this happens, your car will pull to the right or left when you are holding the steering wheel straight, and you'll experience uneven wear to your tires.

Potholes can also cause uneven wear on their own, decreasing steering control and increasing stopping distances and the chance of a sudden blowout. Any tire impact can also puncture the material, resulting in a flat. Because of these concerns, always examine your car after you have driven over a pothole to make sure that your tires remain in solid condition. Otherwise, get immediate Mazda service.

Why You Should Replace All Your Tires at Once

If only one of your tires experiences damage, you may be tempted to replace just that one. However, if all of your tires are several years old, replacing one will cause an imbalance. Not only will it be slightly larger in diameter overall, but it will exert much more grip on the road, causing it to spin at a lower rate. This will make it more difficult to brake and corner.

For FWD or RWD vehicles, you may be able to get away with replacing two tires on the same axle, but it is better in either case — and especially if you have AWD — to replace all four. Take advantage of Mazda tire deals for a more competitive rate.

Trust the Experts When You Need Mazda Tire Service in Vero Beach

If your tires need to be balanced or rotated, or if you need new ones, stop by our service department. As a Mazda dealer near Melbourne, we know Mazda vehicles like the back of our hand and are stocked with OEM parts to service them. This means we can quickly find replacements in the right Mazda CX-7 tire size to get your car back on the road or satisfy other specific Mazda needs.

When you buy your Mazda vehicle new from a dealership, you may have the chance to secure a Mazda tire warranty.1 Contact us to find out more, or call to schedule an appointment near Melbourne, FL.

1Tire & Wheel Protection covers damage caused by conditions defined as eligible road hazards which affect the performance of the tires/wheels as a result of the tire failing to hold air, or the wheel failing to seal with the new tire; such failures may prevent the maintenance of the manufacturer’s air pressure specifications.