MAZDA Named #1 Car Brand Over The Competition

Mazda Voted #1 Car Brand 
Buying a new car can be tough. Why not try Mazda, the top car brand for 2021? Consumer Reports has just released their study for 2021, which includes a stringent evaluation process at the Consumer Reports test center: drivability, safety, owner satisfaction, green choices, and predicted reliability are all tested. You know of Mazda vehicles as the auto brand that has infused the spirit of the Mazda Miata into every model that it makes. Please scroll below to learn a little more about the ideology behind everything that's poured into these vehicles. See for yourself why we're #1 among the top ten car brands for this year. Explore our new Mazda cars for sale and slide behind the wheel with total consumer confidence.

Mazda: Top Car Brand for 2021

It's all about peace of mind. When you're taking your hard-earned money and putting it into an investment, you want it to result in money well spent. That means a lot of different things depending on what your "investment" is. But let's talk about Mazda vehicles. Knowing that Mazda is the top car brand for 2021, you can have confidence that:

  • Your payment = value: In other words, you get bang for your buck. Mazda vehicles include performance drivetrains, ergonomic styling, and impressive specs with the latest technology standard.

  • Your payment = assurance: Who's driving your Mazda vehicle? You? A first-time driver? No matter who's behind the wheel, you can count on outstanding predicted reliability and the protection when it matters most from the safest car brand.

  • Your payment = fun: Let's not forget that driving a vehicle should be a joy. Whether it's your first car or even your last car, every moment in this life counts. You should love what you drive; Mazda vehicles make that happen.
We've talked about Mazda as the top car brand, but what vehicles are our top sellers? As always, the Mazda MX-5 Miata does well here in Vero Beach. Style, performance, and efficiency are the name of the game - with the top up or down! A close second is the new Mazda CX-30 for sale. The CX-30 offers SUV-like capabilities with car-like performance and composure. It's quite possibly the perfect Mazda vehicle for your South Florida lifestyle. Pack it all in, go anywhere, do anything, and have fun along the way. 

Mazda: Top Car Brand Experiences at Dyer

Here's the last (and maybe most significant) part: when you pay for the #1 vehicle, you're also buying into an experience that will match it. Here at Dyer Mazda, we're redefining how we connect with our customers because we want everything to be more informative, more accessible, and quicker for you. On our website, you'll notice all kinds of resources like comprehensive vehicle specifications, financial tools, special events, and informational videos. Dyer Mazda is bringing back the joy of getting into a new car, and we can't wait to share that with you at our sun-soaked Mazda dealership in Vero Beach!

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