MAZDA Tire Sale In Florida Buy 3 Get 4th For $1

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The Mazda tire sale is happening now at Dyer Mazda! Buy 3 tires, get one for $1. It's that simple. Many of our customers in Vero Beach, Florida, wait all year for our Mazda tire sale. We change up the deals to make things interesting, and this year's special is genuinely, well, special. Drop a line to our Mazda service and repair center for an appointment, or simply scroll below to learn a little more about this program and the importance of your tires.

The Dyer MAZDA Tire Sale. Up Close & Personal

If you live near Melbourne or anywhere in Florida, really, you know that temperature extremes can do a number on your vehicle. Everything wears faster, especially your tires. With air temperatures near 95 degrees, the pavement can actually exceed 150 degrees! You certainly wouldn't want to walk around without proper shoes. Neither does your Mazda vehicle. Temperature hazards include:

  • Blowouts
  • Uneven wear
  • Sidewall hemorrhage
  • Accelerated wear
  • Reduced braking efficiency
  • Risk of hydroplaning

All of our new Mazda cars for sale include tires with the latest technology developed under the extremes of racing. But what if your tires have a few years on them? We offer complimentary tire inspections and will let you know what we see. Never pushy. Never salesy. Just helpful.

MAZDA Tire Sale Benefits & More

Taking advantage of the Dyer Mazda Tire Sale means more than just saving a couple of bucks. It means getting something for free, too! We are proud to offer tire protection and Road Hazard coverage on select brands. This invaluable piece of insurance covers you from many unexpected scenarios, saving you hundreds of dollars down the line. Ask your service advisor at our Mazda service and repair center for more details.

Now, what can you do for fun while you're waiting for your new tires to be installed? Well, as your premier Mazda dealer near Melbourne, might we suggest a leisurely stroll through our showroom? Check out the latest technology and comfort-focused designs from the brand you love and see what's in store for you with your next vehicle. For most of our customers that lease their vehicles, swapping in a new set of tires typically coincides with a lease coming to term in the near future. We've got an excellent selection of new Mazda cars for sale or lease. You can see them all; your visit with us will be time very well spent.

Lastly, ask us about how you can get involved in the various charitable activities that we sponsor throughout the year. This is a fantastic way to build relationships with your Dyer Mazda representatives as you work together to make lasting improvements for vulnerable members of our community.

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