A blind spot monitor can mean the difference between life and death. It sounds dramatic, but statistics confirm the fact. In 2015, blind spot monitors and lane departure warning systems prevented nearly 85,000 crashes and crash-related injuries, according to the IIHS. Question: What exactly is a blind spot monitor?

Blind Spot Monitors Explained

A blind spot monitor is part of your car's safety system. It consists of external sensors and (sometimes) cameras mounted on the outside of your car. Using echolocation the system monitors the motion and position of other vehicles in relation to yours as you're driving.

The system alerts you to potential dangers before you change lanes or make a turn.

Do You Have a Blind Spot Monitor?

Although blind spot monitors are proven effective, they aren't standard. Less than 10 percent of new vehicle models produced in 2017 contained blind spot monitor systems. We here at Dyer Mazda believe this is an essential component every vehicle should possess. Our team in Vero Beach, FL is happy to further discuss how a blind spot monitor and a lane departure warning system can positively impact your safety on the road.

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