Whether you're looking for a vehicle with speed or one that has the designs associated with comfort and luxury, you'll find it all in the Mazda6. This is a vehicle that delivers at least 250 horsepower when you get behind the wheel. Aside from the fast pace on the road, it has a sleek appearance as well.

The Mazda6 has an updated trim so that it looks like a luxury car instead of one that is a family sedan. A combination of the best leather and wood products are seen inside the vehicle from the steering wheel to the gear shifter. The trim inside the vehicle is of Ultrasuede, making it soft to the touch. Contoured seats provide a relaxing ride whether you're going a short distance in Vero Beach or on a long trip.

Haven't made up your mind? Test drive a Mazda6 at Dyer Mazda to experience the updated design features that are offered.

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