How does the feel of the wind ruffling your hair as you drive down the road sound? Pretty good, right? But what happens if there's a sudden downpour? In the popular convertible roadster, the Mazda MX-5 Miata, you'll be able to feel the wind on your whole body while knowing that, even if you suddenly see storm clouds, you'll be able to flip up the top on a moment's notice.

The soft-top convertible cover is spring-loaded so that it can be closed when you see the dark clouds approaching. And with the option of a classic black top or the new dark cherry top, you'll look stylish driving with the top down or up. And don't forget about the stylish lights that will show you the way when weather turns bad. They're modeled after previous designs, but they also have a modern touch that makes them look sleeker than ever.

Come into Dyer Mazda in Vero Beach, FL for a test drive, and experience the exterior design of the MX Miata.

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