When Your Alternator is Starting to Break

The alternator is part of the power system within your car. Without an alternator, your car would need a new battery all the time. The battery recharges when you drive around, and this is because of your alternator. When it begins to fail, you'll notice all kinds of trouble with the power in your vehicle.

If you turn on your lights and they seem very dim, this is because they aren't getting enough power. Chances are high that your alternator is at fault. If your battery is really old and not holding a charge, your power problems might be attributed to the battery.

When the warning light goes on, you'll either see an ALT or the battery symbol. This means that there is a problem with the power supply and you need to bring your car to our service center at Dyer Mazda right away for service. Keep yourself safe on the road by getting the repairs you need.

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