Mazda puts a lot of thought into the design of their vehicles. The Mazda3 5-door is no different. This popular hatchback has KODO design features. It embodies the feeling of power and speed. Each Mazda3 5-door at Dyer Mazda has aggressive and sporty exterior features to further cement those design principles.

The exterior is sleek and aerodynamic. Large sloping curves run along the entire length of the vehicle. Subtle lines are also included. Not only do they help redirect air, but they guide your eye to follow the shape of the hatchback.

The stylish elements continue on the front of the hatchback. It has angular headlights that create a feeling of motion. The taillights in the back have an abstract shape that complements the overall look of the car as well. The Mazda3 5-door is available with modern LED lights. You can also get premium 18-inch wheels made of an attractive alloy material.

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