Watch for Signs of Overheating and Act Quickly to Prevent Further Damage

Vero Beach drivers should keep an eye on their dash thermometer. If they notice the engine is running too hot, it's time to get a coolant system check-up before a problem turns into a dangerous situation.

A thermostat gauge that reads hot is a warning sign. It most likely indicates a problem with the fuel pump, internal thermostat, coolant or coolant hose. When critical components of the liquid-cooled system stop doing their job, the engine can't cool off. The resulting heat builds up until it causes engine malfunction. This, in turn, may cause damage to components exposed to high heat. As a car owner, you can watch for warning signs and seek help before a smoking hot engine leaves you stranded.

The service techs in our service center here at Dyer Mazda can help you protect your engine from the dangers of overheating.

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