Simple but Effective Tips for a Roadside Emergency

The best time to plan for any emergency on the road is right now, while you can adequately prepare.

  • Be sure you have a working tire jack, tire iron, and several cans of tire fix-a-flat in the trunk. If you experience a blowout, don't be afraid to ride the tire rim to the shoulder and off the roadway.
  • A small tool box with the right tools can really come in handy in an emergency. Tools, duct tape, and work gloves, make repairs easier.
  • To stay safe at night, pack some flashlights and batteries, road flares, and safety triangles.
  • If you ride around with an empty gas can in your trunk, you can allow anyone to help get fuel if you run out instead of hunting down a can in the middle of the night.

Our hope is these safety tips from by Dyer Mazda keep you and our neighbors safe this year on the roads.

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