A Look into Mazda Design Philosophy a.k.a. KODO: "Soul of Motion"

There's a reason why drivers mistake Mazda as a premium brand time and again. Just take a look at one of its models for yourself and you will agree, for no detail is overlooked. In fact, the automaker takes great pride in its craftsmanship because it stays true to the company's design philosophy, otherwise known as KODO: "Soul of Motion."


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What is the Purpose of KODO?

KODO as a philosophy is the guiding principle for the way in which all new Mazda models are designed. Its focus is to emphasize the joy of driving which is why each model is crafted with artistry. Yet its upscale appearance is more than just for appeal. After all, a delightful experience on the road also entails an exceptional performance. As such, elements that bolster its capabilities are incorporated too. Equally as impressive is the interior, with hand-stitched details and premium upholstery that will indulge all the senses. Thus, every Mazda is made to provide the ultimate satisfaction.

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