Seasonal Maintenance Keeps Your Car Running

Seasonal car maintenance is a great way to supplement your vehicle’s recommended service schedule. As soon as the weather starts to change here in Vero Beach, we invite you to bring your vehicle in on a regular basis to let our team of Mazda service professionals look it over and address any concerns that may have arisen since the last time that you had a vehicle check-up. A seasonal maintenance package takes this one step further by letting us get your car caught up on its maintenance needs as well as prepare your Mazda SUV or sedan for the cold and wet weather of fall.

If you have not yet completed your seasonal maintenance, why not let us help you with that? Come in and see us today at Dyer Mazda in Vero Beach, FL. Our Mazda service center team is here to help you with all of your seasonal maintenance needs, including oil changes, tune-ups, tire and brake service, a multi-point inspection and more. Our car repair technicians are fully trained and certified, making us an excellent resource for getting your vehicle road ready for this fall/winter!

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