Keep Your Dog’s Records When You Leave Home

We all know how relaxing a great trip from home can be - you can leave your worries at the door, take your furry companion and just disappear for a few days. Maybe you’ll travel to see family for the upcoming winter holidays or take a cross-country trip just for fun. There are a few things to remember when taking your canine friend on the road with you.

A big 'must-do' is to make a copy of their rabies shot records. This way, if anyone questions the safety of your animal, maybe in a public place or at a hotel you are staying at, you can whip out those records, kept in a ziploc baggy of course to keep safe, and put their worries at ease. Having a copy of his vaccine records may also mean that you make a trip to see the veterinarian with your pet before leaving on an adventure. This is also a good thing, and can help your pet acclimate to short driving trips as well as help you receive any insight from the vet regarding the care of your dog away from home.

We at Dyer Mazda don't like complications, and we are sure that you don't either! Come visit our Mazda dealership in Vero Beach and we can iron out all the kinks you may encounter when preparing to bring your pup on the road with you!

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